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I've been meditating non-stop for 20 years and what you see here are my own developments. I have installed a framework on the consciousness network that can be used right here and now. Try it!

What you need to look for outside, you'll find here. Everything else is inside. If you are not sure of your own intuition and thoughts, you must learn to use the possibilities of your mind. Practice and experience can make you a master of yourself.I am currently meditating on several levels of consciousness, so I can only have meaningful contact with people who meet (or will be able to meet) the parameters required. You can find the necessary training on my websites, if you have any questions, there is a website listed where you can find it.The ones I have created are empty frameworks that you fill with content. Their purpose is that you don't need any special expertise to use them. Just like you use your mobile phone, you don't need to learn how to program it.


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One extreme way to get involved in the process. At the moment, apart from my financial support, the only other way is possible in the outside world, all other ways are only possible inside your head.


"Restoring the world can be done in imagination. You imagine it as if it were a holographic video game you were living in. After that, you just have to fix the game."