István Zsolt Diczig

Holographic World Researcher

A scientific approach to the internal study of the holographic world.


It was 20 years ago when I encountered both the holographic world theory of science and spirituality. After that I started pioneering internal research, i.e. I started studying the spiritual world with a scientific eye. Why was it pioneering? Anyone who does research with a scientific eye does not stop at the first red light. After that, there was no stopping and I was surprised that it took me 20 years of non-stop research. I'm currently writing a book about it.I am not a master and I am not a guru. I have a whole new understanding of the world and I am not the reason why my results meet the beliefs of religious people. I have created the ÉlményPark Holoplatform, a spiritual framework that is of great help to anyone who starts meditating. I have installed it on the consciousness network of humanity and because it works automatically, I don't need advertising.ÉlményPark works with the philosophy of Linux. I am out of it, its rules apply to me. I have been developing under this platform ever since.


I am currently meditating, living a slow life and not in contact with many people.

Budapest, Hungary, EU